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Visit the Vermont Building at the Big E

by Jessica Workman | | 1 comment

This year, Cold Hollow Cider will be serving fresh brewed Speeder & Earl's Coffee along with their drool-worthy cider donuts and fresh apple pie. Grab a cup or a 12 oz bag for the road!!

Other Vermont exhibitors include American Flatbread, Long Trail Brewing Company, Vermont Smoke & Cure, Vermont Cookie Love, Chris Jeffrey Stained Glass, Danforth Pewter, The Vermont Morgan Horse Association, and scads more. It's a little piece of Vermont down in Massachusetts!

For more information on the Exposition, which runs from Sept 18 thru Oct 4, visit

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1 comment

Billy Dudjoc

Billy Dudjoc

Worked at the Maine building right next door to the Vermont building. Junior and his crew always had fresh, hot, Speeders Blend brewing at Cold Hollow Cider. When you are working 12 hours a day for 17 days, SPEEDERS and Cold Hollow’s apple crisp and doughnuts keeps you going!!!!!

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