Roasters Philosophy

The story of coffee is in many respects the story of the human world for the last 500 years. 

Once recognized, the stimulant properties of this hardy, waxy-leaved fog belt shrub drove exploration, agriculture, trade and conquest between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. Empires rose and fell as different peoples struggled to dominate production and trade, and this process, with all of its social, political, agricultural, and environmental consequences, continues to this day. 

We at Speeder & Earl's Coffee are honored and excited to be a part of this continuum of human endeavor, and glad to be in a position to preserve the traditions of the coffee trade while incorporating new ideas to safeguard the natural and cultural environments that compose the coffee world.

Each region favorable for coffee growth has a slightly different rainfall, exposure, and soil chemistry. The coffee growers of each variety have their own unique understanding of cultivation, harvesting, and processing. These factors make each regional coffee, and in fact each harvest, unlike all others. Expressing these qualities during roasting is our goal at Speeder & Earl's. 

From the tart notes of Colombian Supremo through the peppery spice of Indian Malabar and the fruit salad sweetness of Bali Kintamani, we strive to make each cup an expression of the land and labor that created it. 

Our small batch process requires very close observation and control, and yields coffees significantly better than those achieved by computerized systems. This type of roasting elevates coffee production from a science to a craft. We respect the beans too much to have it any other way! Our retail valve bags maintain freshness while allowing us to put our coffee in the hands of more people than we could reach otherwise, and we we work closely with our distribution and food service partners to make sure that they can produce a fresh, flavorful cup at their locations.

We hope you enjoy drinking Speeder & Earl's, and that you can take a moment to contemplate the incredible world of coffee while sipping a cup soon! 

Our success ultimately lies with the relationships that we create with others in the long line from crop to cup - the growers, pickers, packers, shippers, exporters, importers, transporters, all of our employees, vendors, wholesalers, and every customer who ends up with a cup of our coffee in their hand. It's a very complex web, and we are grateful for everyone's contributions.