• Timor Maubesse FTO

Timor Maubesse FTO

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From the very small farms of East Timor comes this fruity and spicy coffee. The coffee itself is really of two different varieties that are grown in this high altitude region of Maubesse, a subdistrict in the district of Ainaro. The first and older variety, Bourbon, was orginally planted 400 years ago by Portuguese settlers; the newer varietal of Hibrido de Timor came about as the result of replanting after a coffee leaf rust epidemic. 

Varieties: Hibrido de Timor, Bourbon
Altitude: 800 - 1600 Meters
Process: Sun Dried
Location: Maubesse, Ainaro, East Timor
Roast: Full City, Full Bodied, Medium Acidity 

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